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71 Magazine FAQ –


What does 71 stand for?

We get asked that fairly often. In early 2017 when the idea to create an Arts magazine for Texas came to us we needed a name and many we liked were taken. Then se started seeing 71 everywhere and finding it was 1) A very pivotal period for the Arts in general: film, fashion, music, art, photography; representing our inspiration and purpose, 2) it’s also a recycling code, representing one of our values, 3) Like a vintage racing logo, the number/logo itself has sleek, vivid, angular lines, which is how we see ourselves: resourceful, honest, direct, vibrant, unique in our arts coverage, 4) 71 is a highway running through Austin: Texas’ coolest Arts destination.


What makes 71 stand out among Arts magazines?

71 is Texas’ premier Arts publication – award-winning, woman-owned with international coverage of stellar Film, Music, Art, Photography, Style, Design and related tech, 71 brings you ‘the Arts less travelled’ bi-monthly. 71 also offers original interviews with the elite of the 7-Arts, embedded video in both features and ads, custom-themed issues every 60 days, original Spotify playlists accompany each issue and unique/original social media campaigns.


How is 71 environmentally focused?

71 is a sustainability focused digital magazine and has been from the beginning. 71 doesn’t print and distribute physical copies like so many other publications. This keeps 71 green, agile, free and available all over the world from the moment of publication and knowing we are doing our part to help heal the planet.


How is 71 inclusive?

71 is woman-owned, female forward and continues to cover and work with covered subjects and staff of all backgrounds and nationalities, including staff, cover features, interior features, writers, photographers and interns.


Why is 71 digital only?

Many reasons. Digital is clean, green and sustainable. It doesn’t depend on physical distribution, print and fuel costs to get it to you. Digital is free. Digital is instant. Digital is accurate and can be shared and updated. Digital is available on mobile devices where most content is consumed worldwide. Digital allows for media extensions: embedded video, links and 71’s Spotify playlists. Digital protects the environment. Social media is digital only.


Who has 71 covered / worked with?

Iconic supermodel Helena Christensen, Acadamy-Award winning director Steven Soderbergh, ‘Riviera’ star Julia Stiles. ‘Vikings’ star Katherine Winnick, ‘Westworld’ star Angela Sarafyan, ‘The 100’ + ‘Walker’ star Lindsay Morgan, 'Manifest' star Luna Blaise, ‘Project Blue Book’ + ‘Lost Girl’ star ‘Ksenia Solo’, Emily Ratajkowski, KT Tunstall, 4 time Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding, The ‘da Vinci of our age’ Neri Oxman, and many more


What brands does 71 work with?

71 has been fortunate enough to work with incredible international brands and organizations including: NASA . A+E/History Channel . Smithsonian Museum Renwick Gallery . W Hotels . Redbull . SXSW . ACL . FGI (Fashion Group International) . Staerk & Christensen . Gibson Guitars . Tobin Arts Center . Texas Public Radio . NatGeo Live! . Tito’s Vodka . Lexus . Austin Film Festival . Austin Music Awards Lake Austin Spa . Singani63 . Fairmont Hotel . Whole Earth Provision Co . Lexus . Loupedeck . LightForm . Koi . McIntosh Audio . Bijou Theaters . Berklee/BIRN Network . TEDx . TFII (Texas Fashion Industry Initiative) . StyleLushTV . The McNay Museum of Art . Electric Lady Studios . Kendra Scott . Metawear . Hotel Emma . SA Museum of Art . 3-Form . Wonderspaces


Where can 71 be found?

71 is here:

@my71mag on IG/FB/Twitter/LI/Pinterest


What are 71’s qualifications to cover the arts?

Though 71 has only a core staff of 3, together we have a great deal of experience in content creation/ publishing; nearly 80 years. 71’s EIC, Erin O’Brien has 15 years as an editor for over 10 publications in Texas and LA. 71’s Creative Director/Strategist Mike Brannon has been nationally published in music/ arts/architecture/ environment for over 30 years and 71’s Graphic Designer Elisa Giordano has over 30 years in her field, both with dozens of publications. Beyond that we source world-class photographers and writers, as needed.


71’s staff professional affiliations credentials include:

Fashion Group International (FGI) Texas Fashion Industry Initiative (TFII) Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)


How does 71 give back?

71 gives back in a variety of ways across the globe, as we support animal rescue, women’s rights, sustainability/ recycling, literacy, homelessness and the freedom of hemp. Among those causes are: Wires/AU (Australian Wildlife Fire rescue campaign) Haven For Hope (Homeless Relief) Taylor’d for You (Homeless rescue, literacy program promotion, recycled fashion) Bill Frisell CD Compilation (Hurricane Harvey Relief program recording) Adopt the Runway (animal adoption program)


Will 71 be offering swag readers can acquire?

Yes. In 2023 there will be luxe t-shirt versions for women in Silver and black and other cool color combinations. Other lines and branded products will be added thereafter.


What is next for 71?

71 is always looking to expand and try new things in new ways – from the arts to architecture, tech to cannabis, 71 is always finding new ways to bring you the ‘Arts Less Travelled’.

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