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Selected Press – 71 Magazine

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71 has been featured here: CODA Magazine, Texas Public Radio, Behance, On Seeing, The Art Dept, Staerk&Christensen, Kavyar, Live Journal, FLIPP, Voyage Dallas, Extravaganzi, FanPop, CelebMafia, StylelushTV/TFII, la Prensa

"I was thrilled to be on the cover of 71 Magazine — I love how it sits at the intersection of art, fashion, music, and beyond."

“Thank you so much. I am honored to be part of this edition. Thank you for the incredible feature”

- Taylor Momsen - actor / model / leader of The Pretty Reckless

- Warwick Saint - world-renowned fashion/art photographer

“I’m so honored to be covered for your 3rd anniversary issue!  It’s beautiful, and I love that Robert Ascroft is featured in there.

“The entire issue is just so wonderful. Congratulations again and thank you for having us be part of it. We are thrilled.”

- Angela Sarafyan | Star of HBO’s ‘WestWorld’ – LA

- Helena Christensen + Camilla Staerk - NYC

“Wow. Omg this looks amazing!! Thanks so much for including me in this issue! What a gorgeous magazine!”

“One of my favorite ever shoots”

– Kat McNamara | Star of 'Shadow Hunters', 'Maze Runner' & 'ARROW'

- Bonnie McKee | actress/singer/songwriter for Katy Perry - LA

"71 Magazine is wonderful. I love the other features/articles. And the imagery is terrific. I feel it has been a gift to connect with such artistically gifted, hard-working creatives. Super work. Really thoughtful, creative, beautiful and rich.”

“This is a wicked and innovative magazine and it should stay on & offline forever! 71 Mag rocks!”

- Howard Schatz / world-renowned photographer for
  TIME / LIFE / Sports Illustrated - NYC

– Teddy Lo | International Light Artist – Hong Kong/New York

“I think you and your team have done a wonderful job! The pictures look beautiful and sophisticated. The article and interview were tops and I love how the women involved in the shoot were given the opportunity to shine as well. I really love what you are doing with the mag. There is a retro satisfaction of a magazine with the digital enhancement aspects that make it super dynamic. I’m so happy and honored to be a part of your project and I can tell you have put heart and soul into it. It shows. Keep up the great work!

“Breathtaking images and gorgeous design combined with thoughtful interviews and insightful articles. It’s a feast for the eyes and soul. So very inspiring!”


- Gretchen Menn | Guitarist for Zepparella - San Francisco

“You are truly producing one of the most elegant and exciting digital magazines in the world! Down with entropy, up with light!“

- Linda Moulton-Howe | Emmy-winning Reporter/Author - / iHeartMedia Premiere Radio - Albuquerque

– Chrysta Bell | Singer/Songwriter/Star of ‘Twin Peaks’– San Francisco

“With Texas grit and vintage style, 71 magazine embraces Fashion,
film, art and music all in one with a refreshing exuberance  that jumps off the pages.”

“71 Magazine’s gorgeous, unique coverage of the ideas and people driving art and innovation is a total inspiration.”

– Patricia Vonne | Singer/Songwriter/Filmmaker – Austin

  -Jane West | CEO of the cannabis lifestyle company Jane West
  - Denver

“I love your beautiful magazine, it has insightful articles and is lovely to look at.  I also enjoyed reading your article with Project Blue Book’s creator, David O’Leary

“Your article “Memories of Tomorrow” with our interview is beautiful! Your digital magazine is so well done! Standing by to learn more with much appreciation, Linda”

– Laura Mennell | Star of History Channel/A+E’s
   ‘Project Blue Book’

- Linda Moulton-Howe | Emmy-winning Reporter/Author - / iHeartMedia Premiere Radio - Albuquerque

“Thank you. I got stuck on so many pages before coming to my stuff. Great magazine”

“Oh wow, this is beautiful! I know Steven (Soderbergh) would love to see the actual magazine and this is a piece I’d love to show around in person! Deepest thanks; absolutely beautiful!”

– Eric Pare – International light art photographer – Montreal

– Jonathan Brathwaite / CEO Singani63 – New York

“What a dazzling debut! Hats off to you and the entire team at 71. Even flipping through the digital preview taught me so much. Excited to see where you guys take this mag in the coming year in what will surely be an exciting ride. Congratulations again. Long live indie media!

 “I think it’s FANTASTIC. You guys hit it out of the park when it comes to layout, photography, and content! Embedding video into the story pages is genius!  You are taking FULL advantage of the digital platform in truly novel ways and that’s awesome”

– Erin Quinlan – Writer/Editor
– Hearst / NBC Digital / New York Post – NYC

– Linda Longo | EIC – EnLIGHTenment Magazine – New York 

“Your magazine is beautiful — thanks for sending my way!”

“It is a beautiful magazine. It is so well put together – incredibly chic. We were immediately fans upon browsing your recent release of the January/February issue. This is some of the most promising and professional looking digital magazine content to blossom from our market.”

– Jill Manoff – EIC | Glossy Magazine – New York

– Burgundy Woods | CEO / StyleLushTV +
   Texas Fashion Industry Initiative – San Antonio

“Your magazine looked visually stunning and I am excited to know about 71 Magazine. So glad you exist!”

“The hottest new take on Indie, vintage and progressive fashion. This edgy creative book is one giant multimedia inspiration that mines Texas and beyond for fresh, authentic perspectives on style, culture and the arts. Have a look at

– Kristen O’Brien – Iron Orchard Film PR – Dallas

– Megan Mozzocco | Architectural + Design Journalist – Chicago

"I was fortunate to have the support of 71 very early in my career. It’s amazing to see how far they’ve gone with their magazine. The support they show to artists is unparalleled. Happy Anniversary!"

– Courtney Paige - Actor/Director - LA

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